Quality from Site to Shop

It’s always nice to get feedback from customers, but it’s not often that we get product feedback from our non-customers.  This one started our year off with a smile:

Just a note from Australia, to say thanks for the Smart Jaw drawing. I checked out your website; very impressive. The sense of Quality, Value for money, and Pride in workmanship really come through.  And with a simple, clean, no nonsense, professional look. Very classy.

Have a happy and prosperous New Year.

Thanks again.
Steve in Australia

Yup, Steve gets it.  We put a lot of pride and effort into creating simple and dependable products with a great website to match.  Don’t forget to download your FREE Smart Jaw print too.

New Vacuum Chuck Sizes

vacuum chuck

We recently expanded our SmartVac II line by adding two new sizes of vacuum chuck bases.  We now carry a 13.5″ x 13.5″ square chuck which is perfect for 12″ square workpieces.  Our other new size is 13.5″ x 20″ which doubles the working area of our original 9.5″ x 14″ base.  All three sizes are still powered by our Vacuum Control Unit and are available in discounted Starter Packages ranging in price of $995 to $1495.

Speed Change Pallet System

Pallet Changer

We recently introduced the Speed Change Pallet System (SCPS) to our lineup of workholding products.  The SCPS is a ground-up redesign of our best selling Pallet Retention System (PRS).  At first glance you’ll notice a few obvious cosmetic changes but here is a quick list of the top 10 improvements:

  1. Wider Base – The best selling PRS Pallets were always the 8″ wide sizes.  We’d sell them 10:1 over the 6″ sizes and 5:1 over the 10″ sizes.  Naturally, we engineered the Base to use the more popular 8″ and 10″ pallets only.
  2. Cast Iron Core – Cast iron is a great material for workholding devices (tough, thermally stable, dampens vibration), but using it from tool to table is overkill (weight, corrosion exposure, higher Read the rest of this entry »

Online Store Now Open

We’re proud to announce the opening of our new online store.  Now all of our products can be purchased online at any hour of any day.  The store is secured through 128 bit SSL encryption to ensure credit card transactions are safe.

We Sell Direct

We sell direct for two reasons:
   Better Pricing
      Better Service

Better Pricing

For some reason the industry has followed the same old distribution pattern – make a product, sell it to manufacturer reps, sell it to distributors, sell it to the end user.  The entire time every one of those middlemen are taking a little (or a lot) off the top.  By the time the product gets into the hands of the user its price has been artificially inflated beyond its actual value.  On the service side of things, the application knowledge of the product gets diminished each time it is handed down until you finally have an order taker at a distribution house trying to BS his way through application advice.

I recently had a good conversation with a customer about this distribution model.  They had a job that they Read the rest of this entry »